Decentralization allows companies and individuals to tap into their peak potential by giving them the opportunity to build for the community, with the help of the community.


Vote for A Better Future

Call voting sessions for companies to help them improve their products, services, and cash flow. Contribute to the success of every company and receive rewards for every action.


Start New Projects

Build projects and businesses with the community. Request project votes, ideas, and investments from other users to help you build the perfect company structure.


Ranks and Badges

Increase your ranking with TripleOne and gain access to exclusive products and services around the world. Showcase your badges and ranks on your profile every time you reach a new milestone.


Create New Jobs

Tap into your creative, analytical, pragmatic, and technological side with our open job system. Skip the interview process, apply and work immediately for any TripleOne company.


Cash Rewards

Receive instant cash rewards every time you contribute to the concept, through task completion, voting sessions, and project contribution.