The TripleOne blockchain is a public and decentralized blockchain that stores "Neurons" which are like individual pieces of the blockchain that can connect to each other, host apps, hold data, and have their own types. It's like a giant, secure and transparent database that anyone can access.

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Segments are units of value within a decentralized platform that are earned by users based on their participation in the concept. These segments accumulate inflation on an hourly basis and can be transferred between users. The amount of segments earned by a user depends on how much energy they contribute to the concept. Overall, segments are a way to incentivize and reward users for contributing to the decentralized platform.

  • Permenant credit
  • Cash reward
  • How we calculate
  • New TripleOne Segments

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The Tripleone card can be used in many different places, both online and in-person, and it rewards users with "segments". Segments are a type of currency that you earn by participating on the decentralized platform. Additionally, you can link bank accounts and credit cards to the card. As an added feature, you can also access memberships and other special perks.

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Job System

The decentralized job system is a way for people to get a job with just a click of a button and skipping the traditional hiring process. In this system, jobs are listed on a decentralized network. This makes it easier for users to find jobs that match their skills and preferences, without having to worry about bias or discrimination. You also have the freedom to experiment different industries and skillsets by joining a variety of companies. Some jobs require specific skill levels that can be obtained through the learning center or by working in jobs that practices those skills. Salary for an open position is determined based on the required level of skills needed to complete the tasks.

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The ranking system rewards users based on their participation. Higher ranks come with benefits such as priority access to new courses, discounts, events, and perks. The system incentivizes users to contribute more to the platform, encourages engagement, and provides recognition for their efforts. Your rank level can increase by gaining ranking points.

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The badge system rewards users for their participation in the decentralized concept and associated companies. Users earn badges by achieving specific milestones or tasks, which can range from basic participation to more advanced contributions. Badges provide access to perks, discounts, and benefits, such as exclusive events and recognition within the community. The badge system incentivizes user engagement, tracks user activity, and promotes a more engaged and active community.

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The voting system enhances decentralization by allowing users to express their opinions on what is "good" or "bad" for a company or community. Users are given normal votes at the beginning of each month, based on their ranking level, which expire at the end of the month. Special votes can be earned by users who cast a vote resulting in positive improvements for the community or company. The system encourages community involvement, incentivizes users to propose impactful ideas, and provides a democratic way of making decisions.

  • Types of votes
  • Normal Votes
  • Special Votes
  • When/What to vote
  • Voting sessions

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The project system allows users to propose projects and other opportunities that can benefit the community. Users can create portfolios for individual projects, and other users can vote on whether the project is a good investment. If a project is approved, jobs can be created and users can apply for them. The project system encourages community involvement, collaboration, and investment, creating an environment where everyone can contribute to the success of the projects. Overall, the project system is a valuable tool for identifying and developing impactful projects that benefit evolution as a whole.

  • Project type
  • How it works

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The investment system allows users to create suggestive stock portfolios and upload them to the investment survey sessions. Users on the platform can vote on these portfolios, and the portfolio with the most votes is chosen. The selected stock is then purchased by the company itself. This investment system promotes transparency and collaboration in the decision-making process of the company's investments.

  • Investment Survey Sessions-1
  • Investment Survey Sessions-2
  • Stock Portfolios
  • Voting Sessions
  • Investment Processing
  • Sale Declarations Surveys

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Private Supply(TPS)

TripleOne is a "decentralized" business where users work together to help build its projects and support the overall operation of the business.

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Customer support

The TripleOne investment survey system is divided into multiple parts. Investment sessions, stock portfolios, voting sessions, investment processing and sale declarations.

  • Vote for better support
  • Quick response time

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The verification system in a decentralized concept requires users to verify their phone numbers during the account creation process. This system is put in place to ensure that the platform remains secure, as personal information is typically limited in decentralized platforms. By requiring phone number verification, the platform can reduce the risk of fraudulent activity, spam, and other malicious actions. This system also helps to increase trust and safety among users, as it verifies that each account is created by a real person with a valid phone number. Overall, the verification system is an essential component of the platform's security measures, and it helps to create a safe and trustworthy environment for all users.

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Availability countries

TripleOne is accessible from many Countries. If you cannot access TripleOne and its services from your Country, feel free to send a message to explaining your interest in seeing TripleOne available for your Country.

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The budget system in a decentralized concept works like cash containers that are filled with management fees collected from companies on a monthly basis. These containers are used to secure the platform financially and support its overall development. The budget system ensures that the platform has a steady stream of funding to cover its expenses and make improvements to the user experience. By collecting management fees from companies, the platform can operate independently and remain decentralized. The budget system also provides transparency, as users can see where the funds are being allocated and how they are being used to improve the platform. Overall, the budget system is an essential component of the platform's financial sustainability and growth.

TripleOne Segments
Users who have TripleOne Segments
TripleOne Points
Users who have gained TripleOne Points throughout the month
18I .00%
Board of Directors
Board Members at TripleOne
Agents, Senior Agents & Executive Agents
High-ranking officials at TripleOne
Security and critical events purposes
Cash Reserve
Cash flow of the company
Stock Investments Survey
Stock investment survey sessions
Project Investment
Project investment sessions
International meetings and events
Project Segments
Each project has its own project budget. This budget is for users who have project segments for a specific project.


TripleOne Segments
Permanent “points” that are credited to user accounts who have gained TripleOne Points.
Project Segments
Permanent “project points” that are credited to user accounts who are helping improve the performance of a project.
Triple Points
“Points” that are credited to user accounts who are active in the overall operation of the business.
Ranking Points
Ranking “points” that are credited to user accounts who have gained TripleOne Points. Ranking points allow users to gain ranks so that they can receive benefits and discounts from eligible TripleOne companies.
Voting Points
Equivalent to “Normal Votes”.
Badges that are earned by users who have completed challenges. Badges allow users to receive benefits and discounts from participating companies.
TripleOne Private Supply
“Points” that are credited to user accounts who are active in the overall operation of the business.
Available Budgets
Cash reserves that are analytically filled on a monthly basis. In most cases, budgets are higher when companies perform well.